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Coaching For Pastors - What Makes A Good Coach?

Offering coaching for pastors is great, but if the individual is not qualified time and money will be wasted. Many pastors have the heart and desire to help other pastors, but entering into this specific type of partnership may not be best. There are many factors that need to be in place for a pastor to be a solid coach.

In order to be successful in this area of work you have to possess a large amount of experience. This experience needs breadth and depth, which many pastors will lack. Some pastors may be very passionate about helping fellow pastors, but if they've been in a church of 300-400 for the past 12 years chances are that the guy with a church of 1700 is not going to consider him to be a person of expertise. It helps greatly to have been a practitioner for many years and in many situations and contexts.

Along with experience, people need all sorts of communication skills and abilities that are not easily taught. In most cases, individuals have the gift of coaching or they do not. You have to be very caring and considerate because many of these guys are hopeless and this is their last-ditch effort to find stability. Encouragement is a big part of what I have done and what I will continue to do. It is not all about systems and strategies, you have to be willing to go through this growing and maturing process with those who have hired you. Many times I am the only one who truly knows what my clients are going through because they are being looked to for all of the answers.

There is also a level of awareness that one must have at all times when engaging a pastor in a coaching relationship. You need to get to know them, have a sense of who they are, what their history is as a pastor, and speak to them out of all that context you have attained. Being intuitive is not a learned skill, but it is a great asset when it comes to this line of work. To some extent intuition comes from experience, but at some point your natural intuition ability will either limit you or be a great asset in coaching.

One of the main things that is required to be a great candidate for this area of work is that you are committed. Coaching is not a game, it is not a sport, and it is not just a seminar that happens every couple months. This is a day in and day out type of job that requires a lot of care. Not everyone is cut out to be involved in coaching for pastors, but it is a highly rewarding line of work if it is done correctly and you are called to it.