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Converse High Heels - Confused About the Perfect Heel Size?

How many times have you spent hours in front of your wardrobe, thinking what heel size must be appropriate for a certain occasion? It happens many times that women find it difficult to make their decision about the heel size that may suit the occasion, the dress or even their own height and physique. Wearing heel does need some expertise and more than this it requires the art of learning when to wear low heels and when to wear high heels. This article will help you learn when you can choose to wear converse high heels or short heel.

Your Dress

Choosing appropriate size of heels depends on the kind of dress you are wearing. For instance if you are in a long dress which reaches to your ankles, low heel ranging between 1 to 2 inches would do while in case of a short dress which is either 1 inch below your knees or an inch above your knees, you need to wear a heel which is as high as 2 to 4 inches.

Jeans are an important garment; therefore they cannot be ignored when discussing casual wear. In case you are wearing skinny jeans, high heels would best pair with them. High heels ranging from 3 to 4 inches will look good even with a pair of loose and baggy jeans. This is so because loose jeans make you appear shorter so heels can help you look taller.

The Occasion

Choice of heels also depends on the occasion you are wearing them for. While going to a formal occasion such as weddings, anniversaries, prom nights and so on, it is better to wear high heels ranging from 3 to 4 inches, whereas for casual occasions such as shopping, meeting at friends' place and so on, you can go for low heels.

Your Height

It is immensely important to take into consideration your height when you are selecting the heel size for yourself. For bulky and short women, I would always recommend a heel of about 3 inches while for taller women 2 inches would normally be enough for any occasion.