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CVC. Marco Común Europeo De Referencia. Bibliografía General.

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The day starts off with bacon or sausages and eggs. There may be hash browns, flap jacks , toast or cereal, but we'll overlook this half. We're extra involved within the animal sacrifices. For lunch, there's a selection of a hamburger, fish-burger, chicken-burger, or some delicacy that may feature crab or Chinese stir fry duck, or sushi with raw fish. The night finishes off with a steak, spare ribs (as if any animal can spare some), roast pork, turkey, goose, wild meats , fish or the rest that strikes the palate. Snacks could include something containing milk or milk merchandise, may be pepperoni, a pizza slice of leftovers from the other meals. Admittedly, having sausages and steaks requires many individuals to eat the entire pig or bull, but it surely takes the urge for food of only one to require the slaughter to supply these items.

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