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Eliminate the Word "Mistake" From Your Vocabulary

Would you live your life differently if you believed that no matter what choice you made it would not be considered a mistake? For individuals living at higher levels of energy and consciousness in their life, that is exactly how they go through their day to day existence. In the mindset of the highly conscious individual, there are not mistakes, just a variety of ways to experience life. Such individuals are less focused on outcomes and more in tune with just enjoying every step they take along the journey of completing their tasks. They refuse to beat themselves up over the things that don't happen as planned, but instead ask themselves, "What is the lesson? What can be learned from this experience?"

When planning to make a change in one's life, often it's not the change itself which is the most difficult thing with which to deal. Instead it is the concern over the outcome of the change. What if it does not turn out the way I planned? What will others say about the course of action I've taken? Will I look foolish having done what I have done? Questions such as these come from a place of negative energy, and only serve to derail the steps we're looking to take even before we have started or completed them.

So, how does one move to a place where they don't look at things not occurring as they had hoped as a "mistake"? It first starts with Unconditional Love of oneself. The first experience of unconditional love occurs for most people when they are babies in their mother's arms. As we move forward with our life we are taught many "truths" about ourselves. All of these "truths" are the opinions of others or the opinions we have of ourselves in terms of how we live our life. When we take the time to remember the experience of being loved unconditionally, those "truths" which hold us back start disappearing in being an impact on our life. We move toward remembering that we ALWAYS do the best we can based on the conditions under which we are operating. As our movement forward continues one moves toward self-acceptance and self-worth and ultimately to love of oneself.

An additional step that moves one away from a "mistake" driven mentality is to honor their intentions. Only you are in a position to know what your true intentions are toward what you are looking to achieve. The choices you make in pursuit of those intentions are made based on the knowledge which is available to you. If all you needed to know was not available to you at the time you made a choice that produced an outcome you were not seeking, you have at least learned one way not to do something in the future. The great inventor, Thomas Edison, has many quotes attributed to him. One that perfectly sums up the mindset of there not being mistakes, only items from which to learn is, "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work".

Therefore, go ahead and enjoy the experience of the change you are about to undertake. Remember that even if the results of the change don't turn out completely as you plan you are almost assured to learn something along the way. Honor yourself and your intentions behind what you are setting out to do. Look to eliminate the word "mistake" from your life and from the lives of those around you. Accept what has and is happening to you for what it is. Above all, always remember you have the power to move forward from whatever situation life has put in front of you and change it to whatever reality you want to for yourself.