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Expensive Designer Sunglasses

Sunglasses have been around for centuries, in the early ages the Inuit people would wear flattened walrus tusks with slits in order to protect their eyes from the sun, the people of ancient China fashioned flat panels of smoky quartz to do the same. Even the Roman Emperor Nero wore emeralds as a way to shield his eyes from the glint of the sun off the gladiators' shields as they fought for their lives on the arena. Indeed, for ages, the sun and its harmful rays have been a concern to the human race.

These days, wearing sunglasses is more of a fashion statement rather than simply a means of protection. Expensive designer sunglasses are always perched atop the heads of the a-list celebrities as they try to run away from the paparazzi. Over the ages, sunglasses have been iconic in films and television. In fact, they were first popularized by General MacArthur in the 1930's during the Second World War since he was photographed in a pair of the iconic aviator as he stepped upon the Philippine shores. Expensive designer Sunglasses have become a status symbol, the most expensive pair produced by the company Dolce and Gabana costing over 300,000 dollars made with golden frames with the logo set with many little diamonds.

Be it for eye protection, or to add an air of mystery about you, one's wardrobe should never be lacking this essential item. It is like a little black dress that one can pull out for any occasion, even at any time of day. As the song goes, you can wear your sunglasses at night, if you need to hide.

If one cannot afford a pair of designer sunglasses, imitations can be found quite easily, but if you aren't particularly concerned about brands then you can just as easily pick up a pair that is more affordable. Styles and shapes should be given attention because not every pair looks great on everyone. So for you heart shaped, square, oval, or triangle faces, make sure to browse and try on multiple pairs until you find the one that not only suits you but makes you feel great.